American Express Black Card Known As The Centurion Card

If you have never heard of the American Express Black Card or the Centurion card as it is often called maybe it is because this card is exclusively for those who meet the strictest of standards set by American Express. This is an exclusive credit card for those who have an income and credit rating unlike most of the country.nnCenturion card offers direct access to a wide range of exclusive privileges and benefits, but in order to avail it, a certain criteria should be met. Aside from the necessary requirements, an applicant should pay an initial fee of $5000 plus the annual fee of $2500 for a total of $7500. nnThe black credit card started from a legend which states that American Express issued the black credit card to its cardholders; most of them are celebrities and well-off personalities, allowing them to avail high class products and services from high class establishments. The fact behind this rumor was the information card issued by the American Express to cardholders containing important American Express Travel numbers and hotel assistant services numbers.nnThe rumor about the black credit card was about the widest range of benefits and privileges it extends to the cardholder. It emphasizes the freedom to buy anything as much as the cardholder wants it. Although the rumor was widespread in the industry, no one really ever had it or get to use it.nnIn the year 1999, when the rumor was so controversial, American Express grabbed it and used it in the creation and development of a new card. In addition to their credit cards, they made such card with the exclusive features of high end privileges and benefits like no other cards available worldwide. The card was known as Centurion Card and it was only offered to Platinum cardholders who met the strictest criteria. nnThe Centurion card is an invitation only card in many countries where the exclusive credit card was the Platinum card. If the Centurion card is not available in one of these countries, the Platinum card is still the card that is considered the exclusive \”by invitation only\” card.nnWhen the Centurion card was first issued it had an annual fee of $1000 but it was soon raised to the fee charged now of $2500. The first person deemed worthy of having one of these credit cards was comedian, Jerry Seinfeld. Part of the reason for this may have been because he was a spokesperson for American Express.nnCenturion Card became famous around the business industry because of the urban legends in circulation. The rumors about the black credit card continue to circulate to all people concerned. Although the rumor was not true, new rumors and tales would still come up. This will make the Centurion Card more controversial and the promotion would generate more applicants as well.

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